Watch San Francisco Police Pull Over Driverless Car...BAFFLED!

Here's a glimpse into the future of traffic stops. Not exactly what the PoPo was hoping for, I would imagine!

A taxicab was pulled over last week by the San Francisco Police Department. The officer walks up to this Chevy Bolt and notices there is NOBODY inside! It’s a driverless car. So he tries to open the door, but it was locked. As he heads back to his patrol car, the cab pulled away!

Best part of the whole thing? It’s on video! Not from the SFPD cameras, but someone walking down the street. Take a look...

SFPD eventually contacted Cruise, the General Motors subsidiary that operates those San Francisco taxis. Since the initial reason for pulling over the car was not having headlights on, they decided not to issue a citation.

Can you imagine hailing a cab and suddenly realizing there's NO DRIVER?!? That sounds terrifying! Although, considering the thousands of cab rides I've experienced, maybe it's safer.

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