Lee County Schools to Open this Fall with Alternative Options Available

The proposed plan to reopen schools received School Board support at Wednesday’s workshop. The discussion is available for you to watch atwww.Youtube.com/LeeSchoolsTV. Students will be able to choose from four instructional models:

Face to Face Learning– In this model students will come to school five days a week for face to face instruction.

Lee Home Connect– In this model students will be paired with a teacher from their school for full-time online learning at home. This model will follow a traditional daily schedule that is more structured than the digital learning model that was used last quarter. Students will be required to log on to Google Classroom or Google Meets at specified times during the day for different subjects with their teachers and peers. Students selecting this option could choose to return for face to face instruction at the end of each grading period, or earlier with principal approval.

Lee Virtual School– In this model students will be enrolled in Lee Virtual School, one of Florida’s top virtual schools. Students choosing this model are self-paced and have flexibility around when they log on to complete assignments. Students will keep their seat at their brick and mortar school and could choose to return for face to face instruction at the end of a semester.

Homeschool– In this model students will be placed in the District’s fulltime Home Education Program where the parent or guardian teaches the child at home.

At this point, the District plans to start the school year as scheduled on August 10th. Any change in start date will be announced no later than July 20th.

Click here for more school reintroduction information

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