Good Samaritan's Body Found in Tampa Bay

TAMPA -- The body of a man who jumped into the water to rescue two struggling swimmers has been found.

Hillsborough Sheriff Chad Chronister says a crew maintaining manatee safety signs found Kristoff Murray's remains on a spoil island about a mile from the Apollo Beach Nature Preserve.

That is the spot where Murray jumped into a fast-flowing current in Tampa Bay, attempting to save a three year old boy and his father. They were wading close to shore when the current knocked them into the Bay.

Chronister described his actions as heroic.

"He risked and ultimately gave his life, for two strangers in need."

The sheriff hoped the discovery would give some peace to Murray's family, including his wife and four year old daughter, who watched him jump into the water.

Earlier in the day, the sheriff's office released the names of the father and son whose bodies were found Friday night... three year old Daniel Purackal and his father, 37 year old Janosh Purackal of Gibsonton. Their bodies and that of Murray were found a mile away, indicating to the sheriff the swiftness of the current at that spot.

Chronister hopes to see additional safety measures taken to discourage swimming in the area, which is apparently popular with people walking their dogs.

"With the current being that strong... I don't think there's ever a reason that any human being or animal should ever be that close to that water," Chronister said.

Photo: WFLA-TV

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