Brandon Florida Masked Machete Man Guilty in Grow House Attack

TAMPA -- A jury has found a machete wielding attacker guilty of first degree murder in an attack on a Brandon grow house.

The state attorney's office says 41 year old Yuniel Sentmanat-Gonzalez was immediately sentenced to life in prison.

According to a news release, the victim and his girlfriend were inside a Brandon home that house a marijuana grow house when, on May 14, 2015, four to six masked men stormed through the back sliding door. One had a gun and others had machetes. The victim chased the attackers out of the house but suffered mortal injuries. He managed to pull the mask off one of the attackers, allowing his girlfriend to see the machete man's face. The attacker also dropped his mask at the scene, which contained his DNA, along with three garbage bags that were treated for fingerprints.

The defendant, who was born in Cuba, heard the verdict through an interpreter.

Photo: Hillsborough State Attorney's Office/ Canva

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