Marine Critical Of Afghan Pullout To Be Guest Of Florida Lawmaker At SOTU

Withdrawal From Bagram Air Base Afghanistan

Photo: Getty Images North America

A South Florida Congressman and wounded war veteran has announced who he is bringing to the State of the Union Address.

Republican Rep. Brian Mast says Stuart Scheller will be his guest.

"He was a Marine Lt. Colonel, basically kicked out of the military, put in the brig in confinement for speaking out against what happened with the withdrawl in Afghanistan."

Scheller was ultimately sentenced to $5,000 in docked pay and given an official letter of reprimand for his public critique of military command.

Scheller posted several videos doing so to social media and wound up court-martialed.

Mast calls Scheller an "important symbol about accountability."

The Congressman points out that 13 American service members were killed and billions of dollars in equipment was left behind, with "no answers coming from the Biden administration to this day."

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