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A Definitive Ranking of Ice Cream Truck Treats - Is Your Fave On The List?

Children (4-8) running towards ice cream truck

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Summer temperature are here and the ice cream trucks are alive again! Their sugary goodness and classic songs entice children and adults alike to run out of their homes with petty cash in hand. What is your go to order? And did it make Today's Definitive Best Ice Cream Truck Treats List?

Close up of colorful snow cone

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Number 11 - Snow Cone

For ice eaters like me, this is the ideal summer treat. Flavor AND crunch? Amazing. This was ranked 11 however because inevitably the syrup ends up running all the way to the bottom fairly quickly leaving the top more scented than flavorful and your hands very sticky.

Number 10 - Character Pops

Did you even grow up in a small town in the midwest if you didn't have one of these on the Fourth of July? This is one of my favorite ice cream truck treats and I am genuinely disappointed that it ranked so low on the list. I mean, I get it, the colors are often faded and the gumball eyes are usually pretty crosseyed, but you're just going to bite them off anyway so what does it really matter?

Number 9 - Ice Pops

I CANNOT believe these ranked higher than Character Pops! Who made this list?

Number 8 - Push Pops

A childhood staple, truly. We've all had them, no one dislikes them, not at the top of the list an don't at the bottom. Solid 8 energy.

Number 7 - Sundae Cups

I'm having flashbacks to movie days at elementary school. We're all shuffled into the gymnasium and given one of these at the door. We sit on mats on the floor, we watch the movies, we feast on ice cream. These are core millennial memories that I will never forget. Life was so simple back then - there were no bills, global plague, supreme courts - just criss cross apple sauce watching movies eating ice cream on the gym floor.

Ice Cream Sandwich

Photo: Getty Images

Number 6 - Ice Cream Sandwiches

Did anyone else's grandmother have these STOCKED in her freezer every summer? Or was my childhood weekends with my grandma just lit?

Number 5 - Cookie and Cake Coated Ice Cream Bars

I am adding these to my grocery list AS WE SPEAK.

Number 4 - Creamsicle Bars

Creamsicles rank four and character pops rank TEN? There truly is no justice in America.

Number 3 - Klondike Bars

I am FOAMING AT THE MOUTH these are SO GOOD. Have you ever had the Heath Bar flavor? Jesus take the wheel 🙌 What WOULDN'T I do for a heath Klondike bar???

Number 2 - Paletas

The boxed ones are okay, but if you have a paleteria near you, I recommend giving the fresh ones a try. Strawberry is good but Mangonada is where it's at 🔥

Number 1 - Waffle Cones

My four year old and I have created a game we call 'spies.' We run through the house singing the Mission Impossible theme song, clinging to walls, somersaulting through the halls, making sure we're not "caught" sneaking these out of the freezer. They are SO GOOD it's the best part of our night!

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