The Freakshow with Flyin Brian

The Freakshow with Flyin Brian

The wildest, most controversial show in all of SWFL! Full Bio

Actor/Comedian T.J. MILLER

Josh Adam Meyers

The HILARIOUS Josh Adam Meyers was on the show to talk about his shows, his comedy and music and his always interesting dating life! Check it out here!

The legendary Andrew Dice Clay

Listen to the FULL interview with the biggest comic to have EVER stepped on stage! hear about his rise to fame, Dice-mania and more on this episode!

Brian Witnesses DCF Take A Child Away From A Loving Home

Flyin' Brian has an update on a toddler named, "Bubba" from his Dojo that was taken away from the only loving family he's ever known. Brian pleads for anyone who can help this family get Bubba back.

Harland Williams

From "Dumb and Dumber" and of COURSE as Kenny in "Half Baked" and SO many other projects, the always hilarious Harland Williams joined us!

Detroit Urban Survival Training

You've seen his self defense videos ALL OVER social media and the Freaks talked to Dale Brown, operator of D.U.S.T.! Really fun guy, check it out!

Local man who wore panties as a mask on a plane!

Only WE talked to Adam Jenne, a passenger recently booted from a flight for wearing women's underwear as a face mask. The guy was super fun, hear it here

JP Sears

He's a YouTube and social media star, a comedian, actor, author and life coach and he is hilarious! Check out JP Sears when he was on The Freakshow!

Jamie Kennedy

Yes, he is a SUPER talented actor, comedian, writer, producer and more, but Jamie Kennedy is one of our favorite PEOPLE in the world! Hear how great he is here

Dave Landau

From Comedy Central, "Last Comic Standing" and the VERY popular show "Louder with Crowder" on Blaze TV, Dave Landau talked to us in one of the FUNNIEST interviews EVER!